Permanent Makeup


I offer a wide range of corrective work for people who have received undesirable permeant makeup elsewhere. Corrections are very involved and are taken on a case by case basis. I have several packages to choose from however, an in-person consultation is mandatory. I will need to assess the existing work for approval to book.

Treatment Care

You can find all our aftercare do's, don'ts and general info here.

2 weeks prior to your appointment please discontinue the following:

  • Retinol
  • topical acne medication
  • glycolic acid
  • chemical peels
  • laser treatments
  • brow tinting
  • henna
  • lamination
  • Brow serums
  • Keep the area as dry as humanly possible for 3 days or until all flaking has naturally exfoliated. Pop on over to the shop and grab a few brow shields to ensure you get the best healed results.
  • Day 4-10: Wash once per day & apply after care cream generously to the treated area.
  • When all flaking has naturally exfoliated you will continue to nourish the skin with the provided aftercare and/or and other skin care agents that aid in the tissue regeneration process such as vitamin e, aloe, medical grade hyaluronic acid, etc.
  • Once all flaking has naturally exfoliated you may go back to your normal skin care routine with respect to your next appointment.
  • Once healed ( 5-7 days or until all flaking has naturally exfoliated) clients are encouraged nourish the skin. Vitamin E capsules, aloe, hyaluronic acid, fish oil, & collagen are recommended. Vitamin E can be sticky, use at night. Use sunscreen daily, it is critical in keeping the skin healthy enough to work on.

Incredible Results

Take a peek inside the wonderful world of Corrections.