Bella Faccia

Frequently Asked Questions

Most clients rate cosmetic tattooing as minimal discomfort but not painful. Many clients have taken a nap during their procedure. Topical anesthetic is used before & during your procedure to keep you comfortable; however, pain tolerance varies from client to client. Avoid scheduling during near your menstrual cycle as it may increase sensitivity.

On average it’s 2.5 hours from start to finish. This includes the consultation, numbing, brow mapping, color match, the procedure itself, & post care training. I leave a 30-minute cushion on all first-time appointments to make sure nothing is rushed!

 Unfortunately, No. If you’re new to me, you’re a new (welcomed) client!  Existing permanent makeup done elsewhere typically requires some form of corrective work and some require removal. You MUST schedule an in-person consultation to get approval prior to booking. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of your deposit & additional fees: please see policies for more information.

A consultation is built into the appointment time so it’s not necessary to book one separately however, you’re welcome to schedule one prior to your appointment if that makes you more comfortable!

,Applicable to all permanent makeup services:
I have extensive knowledge in permanent makeup color theory through both experience and multiple advanced trainings. Your skin tone, skin type, brow-hair color, lip undertones, eye color, ethnicity & preferred makeup colors are taken into consideration. I swatch a few colors on the area to see which tones you pull , then create a custom mix based on all factors mentioned above.

While doing lips, I may need to neutralize blue undertones before laying the targeted color.

Not at all! We don’t go deep enough to affect hair growth. We work in the upper part of the dermis which is well above the subcutaneous fat layer where the hair follicle lives.

Absolutely not!

Advanced technology has allowed permanent makeup pigment to design stable colors that will not turn! They will fade but won’t change funny colors that may have seen on others in the past.

Yes! Cosmetic tattoos are implanted in the skin while your eyebrows are hair, that grows outside of the skin. Regular clean up, tinting, brow gel, etc. will still be necessary if that’s something that you do regularly.

No way. We only clean up the hair that is outside of you’re the new shape. We check with our clients to make sure this is ok prior to doing so.

Read my pre-& post care instructions for your specific treatment.
If you have reference pictures, please feel free to bring these to your appointment along with the pencil, powder, lip color or eyeliner that you’re currently using.

Yes! All permanent cosmetic procedures require 2 sessions. During your 8-10-week touch up appointment we will assess your pigment retention and make any necessary adjustments. Session 2 also increases the longevity of your cosmetic tattoo.

Many factors come into the equation in terms of longevity. Life style, skin type, skin care routine, sun exposure, smoking, etc. The average brow needs a refresher at 2 years.

Eyeliner & lips tend to last a bit longer averaging 3-5 years. Check out my post care for tips on prolong your results!

Absolutely! Think of it as your natural lips: Lip bush is under the skin therefore has no limitations on what color you can wear over it.

Yes! Defining the vermilion border by giving color & definition to the lips makes them appear larger and give them a more youthful appearance.

Absolutely not! The needle isn’t out far enough to puncture the eyelid skin & your eye is shut the entire procedure.

YES! I use PH neutral anesthetic. What PH neutral means is that there is no chance of a chemical burn because the PH isn’t too acidic nor too alkaline thus making it 100% safe.

Absolutely not! We use PH neutral anesthetic. What PH neutral means is that there is no chance of a chemical burn. The PH isn’t too acidic nor too alkaline thus making it 100% safe.
The needle isn’t out far enough to puncture the eyeball & we have a very tight grip on your head/eyelid. Not to worry about the gorilla grip: we communicate with our clients so if anything is uncomfortable you just let us know and we will readjust our grip!